Welcome to Travelers Lane – a unique travel agency. The founder, Pat Lane, has always been serving the needs of fellow travelers, even before opening the agency. People sought her out for travel advice and assistance.

Pat enjoys helping others realize their travel dreams. She also wants to ensure that the money that travelers invest in a vacation is safe.

After seeing one too many headline for a traveler or a group that lost their vacation money when a tour company went bankrupt, she decided to start her own agency. Pat’s goal is to help others experience the world while ensuring that their vacation investment is safe.

Pat Lane is certified and Travelers Lane has its own ARC and IATA. Some of their customers include Alumni Groups, Churches, and Retirement Associations.

They are ready to serve you as an individual or as a group of travelers. Contact Information is:

Pat Lane, CTA



12430 Tesson Ferry Rd. #251

St. Louis, MO 63128